Florian's Ring

Hathaway Signet Ring


Florian signet ring
The ring is made of ebony with mithral inlay at the top. It is the signet ring of the Hathaway family, his mother’s family line. It is Florian’s bonded item.


The signet ring of the House Hathaway, a prominent Scarlet Brotherhood family prior to the War of Immortals. The ring was handed down to the eldest child of a generation when they showed potential in the arcane arts. Istigio Hathaway, Florian’s grandfather, a wizard of power in his time, broke away from the Brotherhood shortly before the War began, seeing the tides turning against his family. The ring was passed down to Abriana Hathaway Noroval, Florian’s mother, a sorceress of the Imperious Bloodline.

Florian's Ring

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